The Empty Chair

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The Empty Chair

Post by Norwejn »

Mine is not for none but me
I dwelleth amid sobriety
For no man nor beast
can take it from me.
From this chair I see.

Yours is ours front and rear
I taketh in what I'm to hear
Evidence of grace abundantly clear
fault not your fear
Give it to Him from that chair.

And alas, there's another
yet unfound, sits uncovered
waits in sadness for my brother.
I pray he finds
Peace like mine

from that empty chair.

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Post by jak »

Thanks Nor,
That is soulful.

I was told when I first came to AA, "Pick a chair and claim it as your own." I can now recommend doing that.

There are also chairs that are 'haunted' for me now. I remember where Mark sat before he left and died.

As we open with the Serenity Prayer I, in my heart, invite my Higher power to join us at the meeting and I imagine that one of those empty chairs is filled with a good spirit.

jim k
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Re: The Empty Chair

Post by nuyterwe »

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