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The e-AA Group offers discussion forums for use by AA members and anyone interested in AA.

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Newcomers and oldtimers are welcome in our meeting by email. Very friendly and informal.

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If you want to stop drinking and would like to communicate by email with an alcoholic who has solved the drinking problem ...

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About E-AA

The e-AA Group was founded in Monterey, California, in June 2000 by five recovered alcoholics. Over the years, our membership has grown and become truly international. For information on becoming a group member, see the Group Conscience post in the discussion forums.

Seventh Tradition

The e-AA Group is self-supporting through voluntary contributions of AA members. If you are not an AA member, we cannot accept a contribution from you. Click the button to contribute using PayPal.


Confidential Help, 24 Hours a Day

Briefly describe your current situation. You do not have to give us your name, address, phone number or other identifying information. Such information is never a requirement to get help from Alcoholics Anonymous. Nor is there ever a charge for our  help.

  • Alternatively, telephone numbers for all AA offices and answering services in the United States and Canada can be found on the AA World Services web site.
  • The Online Intergroup Alcoholics Anonymous also provides email help in a variety of languages for those with a drinking problem.