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Never Say Never, Dodie T, Chilliwack, British Columbia

She thought she'd never get it ... but get it she did. A.A. led her gently from a world of fantasy to a happy, joyous, and free reality. And she found it beautiful!

Giving It Away to Keep It, Ellen V, Georgia

After years of struggling with food and alcohol, she gave A.A. another try. A.A. didn't teach her how to not drink. It showed her how to live.

A Better Person, Esther, Kenya

My life was a mess. I felt hopeless, helpless and my only consolation was when I was drinking, but that too became a mess.

The Party Was Over !, Feeya, Germany

No one in AA told her what to do,or what not to do except for a very friendly: "Keep coming back!

My Eyes Opened, Geoffrey T., Illinois

How could God have done this to him after getting him through pure hell, then letting him taste the good life?


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