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A Part of ..., Brett K, Mahoning Valley, Northeast Ohio

He woke up one morning nine hours and two states away from home and didnít recall having driven there. Filled with terror, remorse, and self-loathing, he admitted defeat and asked God to "do something."

Born alcoholic, Brian C., Wisconsin

Five DWIs and a judge who becomes very familiar changed his life.

Strong Native woman, Char, New York

She thought jails, prison, and mental hospitals were to be her destiny.

A true sense of belonging, Chris (Kilika), Hawaii

At the end of her drinking, those moments of feeling that she belonged anywhere were gone.

If I Hadnít Become an Alcoholic, I Wouldnít Have Become Much of Anything ..., Chuck B, Florida

After years of struggling, including eight on a locked psychiatric ward and three in prision, he cried out for help, and help walked right up to him.


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