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Finding A Way Forward, Patricia, VA

My story, like some of the other stories in this program, begins at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio.

He had to face Himself, Paul, Israel

I went to an AA meeting and told the people what was happening to me. I told them I could not go on alone. I told them I had lost my mind. I told them I wanted to go out and drink. I heard some of their sharing about their powerlessness over alcohol and how they had recovered. One of the members said he couldn't do it alone. For the first time I had hope. I didn't have to do it alone anymore.

Enthusiasm for Life, Randy R., Ohio

He had to fight for his sobriety through all sorts of physical and mental problems yet his desire to not drink became the most important problem to overcome. Sobriety was the prize and he won it.

He suspected he was an alcoholic, Rick, Baltimore, MD

After years of doing it his way, he finally found the gift of sobriety in the rooms of AA

My Truth, Rosemary P., Pennsylvania, USA

She wondered if the AA members she heard at her first meeting had been peeking in her windows, because she couldn't believe anyone else went through what she did.


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