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AA Beijing (alcoholics anonymous)

The AA Beijiing Fellowship has meetings 7 days a week, in a central location with easy access from the subway. The website has details, directions and a map.

aa Colombo Srilanka

hi, Here's a link for aa English speaking meetings in Srilanka. Thank you

AA in Thailand

To provide information on AA Meetings in Thailand - Help Phone Lines as well as other relevant AA information -

AA Indonesia

Comprehensive site for AA in Indonesia. Includes links for Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Yagyakarta and Solo.

AA Manila Bay

Our site provides information for our meeting and a meeting list for all the other meetings in Manila as well as Asia-based online meetings.

AA Philippines Convention 2016

This is the official website of the AA Philippines Convention 2016 which will take place in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental between February 5-7, 2016.

AA Taiwan

AA's in Taiwan


Welcome to the Alcoholics Anonymous message board for the Philippines.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Ulaanbaatar 210620-77 Mongolia

Alcoholics Anonymous Cebu

Cebu - The Queen City of The South. The First Cebu Group of Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1984 and are still having their meetings in the same rooms at Redemptorist Church, located at Queen Street, off Juana Osmeņia Street, walking distance from the well known Fuente Osmeņia where Robinson Department Store is located.


the all-Asia Young Peoples Convention! (this year 2013 will take place in Tokyo, Sep 20-22nd).... the goal is to spread enthusiasm for AA, get together for fun and fellowship, try to inspire more AAs to carry the message to young people, and to get young people's meetings started in Asian countries (thereby providing an entry point for what will hopefully be old-timers of our future!)

Bali, Indonesia

Meeting list maintained by an individual.


News and events, downloads and meeting listings in Bangalore and Mysore India.


Meetings in Bagladesh. On the General Service Office (India) web site.


Meetings and contacts in Cambodia.

China (Hong Kong)

Meeting schedule, AA information, history of AA in Hong Kong.

China (People's Republic)

Meetings in China. On the General Service Office (India) web site.

China (Shanghai)

General information and meeting times in Shanghai and contact Information for A.A. in Beijing and Guangzhou.


Maintained by the General Service Office of India. Clickable map for meeting information. Bulletin board. AA information.

Indonesia (Greater Jakarta)

Meetings in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi. Maintained by an individual.

Japan -- Tokyo and Other Locales

Meeting lists and help with finding English-language AA meetings in Japan (including Okinawa). Also includes information for the Tokyo English Language Intergroup.

Java (Solo)

Meetings in Solo, Central Java. Maintained by an individual.


Maintained by the AA Intergroup-Korea. Meetings throughout the country (most on military installations), minutes, daily readings.


Maintained by the General Service Office (India). Meetings and contact information for Kuala Lampur and Penang.

Malaysia/Penang A,A. Meetings

Listing of meetings, map and other information for Penang, Malaysia


On the AA India web site. English-language meetings in Nepal.

Philippines Angeles City

AA meetings in the Philippines. Angeles City

Philippines, Dumaguete City

Dumaguete AA is the the local group of Alcoholics Anonymous for the Dumaguete area. Find alcoholic anonymous meetings, announcements, and event schedules.

Philippines: AA General Santos City

In General Santos City AA meetings are on Mondays and Thursdays. Yahoo Group OIAA

Philippines: AA in Luzon, Visayan and Mindanao island groups

This board serves as a medium of communication and information for Alcoholics Anonymous groups in the Luzon, Visayan and Mindanao island groups. Yahoo group


AA in Singapore. On the General Service Office (India) web site.


Information for Bangkok Meetings and phone numbers for live contact All Thailand meetings are in English except where noted on the individual schedules

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