Online Meetings - Reasons for people seeking online meetings

AA is a truly international fellowship of men and women, and e-AA is certainly no exception. Also check for links to AA resources worldwide.
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Re: Online Meetings - Reasons for people seeking online meet

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deanpinsurreybc wrote:AA is the plan!
Thank you Dean!!! Great to read you and wonderful to hear about your trips and meetings.

Ann in Sweden
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Re: Online Meetings - Reasons for people seeking online meet

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Alexboat wrote:Hi my names Alex and Im an alcoholic from the UK.

I have just recently started using online meetings because I am finding it difficult to get to regular face to face meetings. As a result of getting sober a number of years ago I have been able to start to pursue a career in the yachting world. This means that Im away from land and also meetings for potentially long periods of time. Have needed to sort other means in staying sober in my mind. Hence the reason for me seeking these online meetings.

I am just in intrigued as to other members circumstances that have brought them to the online rooms of AA. Also if anyone has any other advice for me and others in the same scenario's. Would love to here peoples stories and advice.

Thanks Alex
Hello Alex;
I'm Marc and I'm Alcoholic.
I have Limited Mobility so OnLine AA offers me a convenient medium to communicate with other drunks. Obviously it is not like being there in the room with other people but it still provides a connection to others. :D

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Re: Online Meetings - Reasons for people seeking online meet

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Hey Alex - that's great you are yachting!

Business and Life brought me to Asia - I never question God's will for me - if things are going smooth then I think I am where I am supposed to be! If keep hitting the wall then I think its not the plan. When I am where there are meetings I am there all the time - was a barfly so meetings is what I like! When there are none then I have this forum now and my books and my speaker tapes - now in MP3 - free downloads on many sites! Loving AA! Dean P.

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Re: Online Meetings - Reasons for people seeking online meet

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Good morning Dean! Having had to get up early today (it's 3:45am here in eastern U.S.), I saw you online, and thought I would send out a hello! Good to see and read you here. I wish you much peace, freedom, and happiness as you trudge the road to happy destiny with us! Keep coming back!


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