What age do you recall drink being an issue?

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What age do you recall drink being an issue?

Postby minime » Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:36 am

I am 25. I feel like a newbie alcoholic. I'm not drinking every single day but I feel an unhealthy bond & am drinking more than i'd like. I drink a bottle of wine every 3 days or so & binge drink on the weekend. Started at 16 which WAS fun & games. It became a weekly thing as most British teenagers do. At 20 I started my adult life: bills, responsibilities etc to which I noticed I'd day drink/drink alone this was the buddling of an issue but I wouldn't say I figured it out just yet. At 23 i'd say I'd say the claws had stuck & I can't go a week without a drink. Before it was because it was fun now it's because of boredom/exhaustion sets in.

I have some hope that I started late. My issue being set in stone at 23. But also I need to know that that doesn't matter to remove any ''psht it's fineeeee'' attitude out the water. Surely you can become an alcoholic at any age? My denial theory was, if you have a phycological lapse, surely it'll show itself early on. & surely if i've started lateish, my drinking won't become such a sinkhole that i'll never be able to climb out?
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Re: What age do you recall drink being an issue?

Postby Brock » Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:25 pm

Welcome here minime.

I think you will hear many people in AA speak about only drinking a fairly small amount, and starting quite young, and using that as a reason to figure they couldn’t be an alcoholic. I was one and the folks told me it would only get worse, people speaking about drinking during work hours or even for breakfast, and I felt that was good news because I definitely didn’t do that. That was about thirty years ago, I had an opportunity then to stop and many more as the years passed, but I had to end being the one who needed a drink to stop shaking first thing every morning, only then did I accept the program, and believe me I lost a lot because of it. We therefore try to convince younger people having the same chance we had to stop early, to do so and avoid a whole lot of crap and heartache which is to come.

That unhealthy bond you speak about is the signal, I know lots of people who drink a good bit, but they don’t plan it or even look forward to it, and our literature speaks of a few ways to ‘test’ if we are alcoholic, one is have a few drinks then stop and see if you are fine with that, most people can and feel fine, but alcoholics tend to drink a lot once they have that first one.

Don’t feel you would be a ‘lightweight’ in a meeting, because some there may have drunk more than you, because like me they all wish they hadn't, and wish they accepted this program years before they actually did. I will put up some literature links you may read in your spare time, the main thing I ask new people to keep in mind, is that AA isn’t just meetings, it’s a program which we do that leads not just to not feeling to drink, but most importantly a life with much less anxiety and worry, there is a certain serenity to be found which is a cool way to live.

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Re: What age do you recall drink being an issue?

Postby kaosxtech » Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:24 pm

Age 34. Unfortunately for me jails and hospitals never convinced me that drinking was becoming an issue. Even when I was directly told that it was and issue. IT took me being ordered by the courts to attend AA meetings and then hearing others stories to allow me to realize If these people can admit they have a problem maybe I should set my ego aside and see that I have a problem too.
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Re: What age do you recall drink being an issue?

Postby Chelle » Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:38 pm

I can honestly tell you that I do not think I drank like a normal person from the very sip at around 13. I drank the whole bottle, got sick and couldn't wait to do it again. As a young adult I would go to the bars with my friends, they had fun and I got wasted. I could not stop once I started. I only compared myself to people who drank more than I did. It was pretty easy to see they had a problem, and I did not :shock:

The first time I quit drinking I was 27 years old. After about 8 years, I figured I could drink safely. I continued to drink for about 10 years. Like you, I did not drink every day in the beginning, but I binged when I did. It is a progressive illness. The last few years, I drank every day and could not quit on my own.

I wish that I had gone to AA when I was younger and learned about my condition. Maybe I wouldn't have went back to it. I feel so hopeful for the young people that come in the door. Hopeful that they do not have to suffer the same consequences I did, and have a long successful sober life.

I never imagined that I would end up in a "sink hole" as you put it, but I did. The only thing I do know is that I can not ever drink alcohol saffely or normally. It just not in my DNA.

Alcoholism does not care how old you are. I hope that you will read the links Brock put up. If you can relate to what you read then chances are, you are in the right place, no matter what your friends or society say.
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Re: What age do you recall drink being an issue?

Postby Spirit Flower » Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:26 pm

I was 26 when I got sober. I am now 59. I am so so so so grateful for my sober life.
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Re: What age do you recall drink being an issue?

Postby 1Peter5:10 » Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:07 pm

minime wrote:I am 25. I feel like a newbie alcoholic.


Surely you can become an alcoholic at any age? .....

Thank you for raising this question. I shared about this topic less than at an hour ago and am still thinking about it.

The main speaker at my meeting tonight said, based on the amount he drank, and his degree of drunkeness, he was probably an alcoholic from birth. I have 18 mos sobriety. I have heard many AA's share similar stories and I have no reason to dispute their account.

They say they were born with the disease and that's that. They found a sponsor, they go to meetings, they did the steps. They know they will never be 'cured' of something they were birn with. They can never drink successfully. OKAY.

For me it was different.
For me it did not work that way.

I earned my alcoholism. I drank my way into it. I drank successfully, stopping when I wanted to for decades. Sure there were warning signs but I was not addicted until I was.

I BECAME an alcoholic because eventually I voluntarily drank so much, so many nights a week, so many weeks in a row I became addicted.

It is ALSO a permanent condition for me. Having made myself into a pickle, I can never turn myself back into a cucumber. I can never again drink successfully.

Our literature, specifically The Big Book includes a story titled "Bridge Over the River Denial." It was written by and about a woman who reminds me a lot of myself, only, in her story, she sort of obsessed, for a while, over trying to figure out when she became an alcoholic. Which drink was THE drink that put her over the line?

I think you will probably find it helpful to read it and share your reaction with your sponsor.

I wish you well.
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Re: What age do you recall drink being an issue?

Postby positrac » Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:02 am

I knew as a young boy I was destined to become a drunk as my whole family drank to excess. What I didn't know is what being a drunk would be like and the horrors of life the next day and the stuff it caused. Learning to live without alcohol, and drugs can be achieved if we have a desire to change. Got to be willing to stand for something or you'll fall for anything and life was never meant for that to happen.

You take a lot of risks and getting sober by far is the least of your troubles with regards to life. Alcohol and or drugs are a mere symptom and the rest is the real meat and potatoes of our success and legacy.
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Re: What age do you recall drink being an issue?

Postby Roberth » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:24 pm

Hello Minime, I was a blackout drinker in High school and got my first DUI at 18. the DUI was my third alcohol related arrest but didn't stop me from drinking. At 35 I knew I to stop but wasn't able to until I was 40 and that was when I walked into the rooms of AA. that was 26 years ago and through all the ups and downs I haven't had I problem that alcohol would of solved.
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Re: What age do you recall drink being an issue?

Postby Db1105 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:13 pm

I started drinking at 12, full blown alcoholic by 15 when I started finding myself lock up in either a jail cell or a nut house. Sobered up one month short of my 18th Birthday back in 1977.
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Re: What age do you recall drink being an issue?

Postby Faith71 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:05 pm

I sometimes can not remember when I started drinking. rowing up Catholic, there was always booze at family parties. I think I had my first sip or taste at age 16 and would black out by the time I was in college going to frat parties and staying the night there, kind of remembering what happened the night before. To be honest, I am learning about this alcoholic addiction.
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