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Postby odat12 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:48 am

Then one day in AA, I was told that I had the lenses in my glasses backwards; "the courage to change" in the Serenity Prayer meant not that I should change my marriage, but rather that I should change myself and learn to accept my spouse as s/he was. AA has given me a new pair of glasses. I can again focus on my wife/husband's good qualities and watch them grow and grow and grow.

I can do the same thing with an AA meeting. The more I focus my mind on it's defects - late start, long drunk-a-logs, cigarette smoke - the worse the meeting becomes. But what I try to see what I can add to the meeting, rather than what I can get out of the meeting, and when I focus my mind on what's good about it rather than what's wrong with it, the meeting keeps getting better and better. When I focus my mind on what's good today, I have a good day. When I focus my mind on what's bad today, I have a bad day. If I focus on the problem, the problem increases. If I focus on the answer, the answer increases.
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