Sooo, how exactly DOES someone stop?

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How did you stop

Tapering off
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Cold turkey
A rehabilitation program
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Re: Sooo, how exactly DOES someone stop?

Postby Cristy99 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:13 am


What a testimony to this site!!! It IS amazing!!
Thank you!!
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Re: Sooo, how exactly DOES someone stop?

Postby Noels » Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:57 am

Justme3 wrote:I have never attended a meeting or reached out for help in any way. So I am definitely a newcomer. I don't think I have a severe drinking problem, i typically drink about 2-6 tall beers a day, 6-8 on the bad days. If i am forced to go a day without drinking, i get by without it bothing me to much, although i have noticed a day after ibhavent been able to drink will typically be a day i drink to much.... But anyways, I feel my drinking has become a problem to some degree and I think it might be time to cut back before I end up in real trouble. And this is where I come to the question of exactly how DO you stop? Do I just resolve that I will simply not buy more and try to ration out what I currently have in order to make withdraw as minimum as possible? Because I have been trying that for a month now, but when I get down to the last couple beers is still somehow always justify in my head some reason to get just another 6pk or whatever... I know no one can tell me exactly what's the best plan of action for myself.... I guess I am more interested in hearing how others did it. Did you stop cold turkey or was it a gradual process of cutting back until you finally went more than a day without or what? Thanks

Good morning Just me and welcome to e-aa. You mention that you've never reached out for help beforehand so I'm glad you posted and hope to read more from you.

For me it was cold turkey since trying to cut back simply didnt work. I tried the rehab method as well as the cutting down method but didn't know until I got to the doors of aa that the reason why cutting down didn't work was actually because alcoholics have an allergy to alcohol. In short, the more we drink the more we crave so if I drank one glass of wine I was already craving a glass of wine. Similar to a peanut allergy with the exception that our physical symptoms is not being able to stop and getting properly sloshed.

I can relate to not drinking every day since in the beginning I was a binger and didn't drink every day. I made up for it though on the days that I DID drink. Unfortunately that changed eventually to drinking every third day - I never drank 2 days in a row simply because I felt too ill the day after I drank. Here I've learned that alcohol is a progressive disease so being alcoholic it would have been downhill for me if I didn't stop.

Mentioning that you've been trying by yourself for a month unsuccessfully indicates today me that you just needed confirmation to take the final step so please do find an aa meeting close to you, go inside, sit down and just listen to the members sharing and see if anything rings true to you.

Please feel free to post again if need be. Well try to share our own experiences as truthfully as possible.

Good luck and God Bless
Regards Noels

Re: Sooo, how exactly DOES someone stop?

Postby bbqking » Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:47 pm

I've quit 100's of times lol.

Cold turkey: sometimes i get a little sick with just a little vomiting and such, sometimes seriously ill and ended up in the hospital after 4 -5 days of vomiting and shakes, got so weak and dehydrated had a seizure.

Been to reahab under medical supervision - Ativan, librium and such help with withdrawal, a lot, very little nausea, can eat, drink fluids, sleep etc... it's the way to go if your the kind that gets seriously ill

Tapering off: sometimes it works, sometimes not so well. It's hard to taper - when that craving says more more more, and sometimes it's just delaying the inevitable sickness anyway. But it has worked a few times that I didn't get as sick as cold turkey. Sometimes it just kept me drinking longer.

For me, keeping foods and fluids stocked that were easy, convenient, and not hard on the stomach. Soups, yogurt, gator aid and fruit drinks, pop icicles, crackers, toast, etc...
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