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A Bridge Back to Life

Postby Robben » Tue May 03, 2011 11:26 pm

Hello AA Group,

AA does not ask us to believe anything, we only wish that you would try to use willingness in seeing the cause of this endless obsession. Asking to be restored to sanity takes a lot of courage. There were so many attempts to faith in something, in anything, but all attempts failed until we put down the bottle and tried the key of willingness. Alcoholism wielded a double edged sword, first it told us we could go right on drinking the way we were used to, then it told us that the merciless compulsion backed by the un-aided will would kill us if we did. There seemed to be no solution to the confusion and irritability that came about as the result of craving, alchoholism had us down for keeps, and though we do not like to admit it it held us in it's grips, and kept us in it's power. The will power to drink was too much for us, we had to drink or commit suicide. Finally AA was willing to listen, there are people all over the world who all suffered the way we did, time and time again we told our stories hoping beyond hope that somethings would change, finally somethings did change, out of fear of giving up and needing to give in, to that insane thinking that told us that not drinking was cowardly, we reached out. In my experience a feeling came over me that I never had. I knew that there was no hope in my continuing to drink, with any possible means of achieving soundness of mind, my health was going too fast, I wanted to kill myself or I wanted out. So I too drank to being a non-believer; in success, in relations, in love or in anyone, namely myself, but AA was a bridge back to life, that I croseed over to a new found providence. nly by taking those first few steps of willingness that opened the door to a brand new faith and vthe desire to stop drinking one da at a time. May the joy, happiness, and serenity and the peace of the program be with you all.
I thank You all for my sobriety,

Robben W
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