Daylight Savings and Step 7

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Daylight Savings and Step 7

Postby martin08 » Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:59 am

Daylight Savings, or at least the old time and date to revert to Standard Time, has come and gone. The traditional event has been rescheduled over the last two years, adding one week in the fall and subtracting three weeks in the spring, in an effort to save energy costs. And now, that is exactly what the time change means to me today.

In years past, though, the date held much more significance. 'Dread' was more the order of the day, when the fall clocks fell back one hour. I was absolutely ruled by the fear of losing one measly hour on one relatively meaningless day.

It was because I drank alcoholically, and even more so that I lived in unreasonable soundness of mind, body and spirit. The anxiety would begin with a newspaper reminder, a mention on the six o'clock news or in a blurb in an otherwise harmless conversation. The anxiety would build to panic as the weekend drew closer. The dread would begin on Friday night, when I began to extra-nervously consume more liquor at a dangerous pace. The foreboding lasted all day Saturday - "I am going to lose an hour of sleep!" And my mind was held frozen in a blizzard of perfect storm force. Ceaselessly piling the drifts higher and higher while blinding me from my family who sat in the same room but had no idea the white-out in my brain, except for the angry and violent nature of Dad and his double drinks...

Today, it is just another day, a complete and surprising side-effect of Step 7. Next week will mark the fourth year that the dread has vanished. What's incredible, is that I didn't even ask for this defect of character to be removed, but God saw to it and it is gone, along with anger, worry and depression. Not just surpressed - gone.

Thank you, to the First One Hundred Members and the Legacy of the Steps that comprise the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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