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Just One?

Postby Spirit Flower » Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:18 am

People sit in meetings and discuss the subject of just one drink. In dire ego straits, the ego suggests that it will be ok this time; just one won’t hurt. Then AA steps in and says we have an allergy which is triggered by just one drink…and so begins another trip through the wringer. Taking a drink is allowing the ego to rule your life.

Now, for my opinion. To have just one drink totally misses the mark of the program, a program of spirituality. My life is immersed in spirituality. Just one drink would change the mental and physical energy of my being; thus ruining the conscious contact with my higher power. Living consciously in the presence of the Father of lights is the most wonderful existence I can imagine. Why on earth would I want to ruin it?

Even a non-alcoholic who puts alcohol into their body is allowing the ego to rule instead of a Higher Power. I don’t smoke or eat food with additives or meat or watch TV or movies for exactly the same reason. I have detoxed my body of all food and drug corruption so it will vibrate in harmony with the pattern of God’s creation. I have detoxed my mind of commercial programming. Why would I take a drink and ruin my conscious contact?

Think about the implications of allowing the ego to rule your life? The suggestion to take a drink is the ego’s suggestion and results in removing you from the spiritual realm; until you suffer, hit bottom and resolve to never do that again. If you are vulnerable to the suggestion that one drink is ok, you haven’t had a psychic change, you are not in a state of ego deflation at depth, and you do not have conscious contact with a power greater than yourself…er…what I mean is: your ego is your higher power, not God (or whatever you call IT).

Our program is not at all about staying away from the first drink. Bottles were only a symptom. It is about spirituality. Do you think your spirituality is enough? Are you resting on your laurels? Think about it. If you are, then it won't be long before you think one drink won't hurt.
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