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Things about the global AA fellowship

Postby trondbje » Fri Jan 18, 2008 7:25 am

I am Trond and I am an alcoholic from Norway. As far as I can see from the memberlist I am the only one from Norway using these forums, but I can see that there are people from several different countries from all over the world here, which I find rather exciting.

I wonder if there are different approaches or interpretations of the AA program a cross the countries, and what might these differences exist in?

Such differences could for instance be about "the higher power" or the way the specific culture views on alcoholism.

I am rather new when it comes to online AA, and I find it very exciting that people from all over the world can gather at one place (website) and exchange experiences about their recovery. It has certainly expanded my horizon about different ways of doing things.

A nice day to everyone
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