Wll he die before 70?i

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Wll he die before 70?i

Postby parrishpair » Fri May 11, 2007 4:46 am


My husband is an alcoholic I'm sure. He drinks 9 different alcoholic beverages each night (hard liquor). Of that 9 drinks he drinks two beers.

I consider him a functioning alcoholic. One would never know that he is a drinker. He functions just fine. The only thing I've learned is that I cannot discuss any serious issues with him at night.

My question is this: I've been told that when one drinks that much at his age (61) and has drank that much all of his adult life, he will probably be dead by age 70 because his liver will be pickled. He has high blood pressure and high cholestral, and doesn't take medication for that.

Your thoughts????
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Postby Holly96 » Fri May 11, 2007 6:56 am

hi parr....

if your husband does have a drinking problem, or is an alcoholic.....he needs to relize that, and deal with it. No one can save him, and he most likeley wont listen to anyone until things are bad enough, and he is in enough pain. At least that has been my experience with myself.

What I would suggest, is for you to seek Alanon meetings. This can give you information on the disease of alcoholism, and help you deal with people in your life who may have alcohol issues.

They usually have a phone number you can call in the phone book (in the front), and local meetings as well. there are others in the meetings who have people in their lives, who's drinking affects them. Call the number, and they will guide you.

you cant save or change others, but you certainly can take care of yourself in the mean time. As an alcoholic, I have found Alanon helpful because my mom is an alcoholic. I learned much!

glad your here.
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Postby someoneinaa » Fri May 11, 2007 2:05 pm

A normal adult liver will oxidize about 1/2 oz. of pure alcohol in an hour. A heavy drinker's liver will dispose of that amount slightly quicker, because it will have expanded capacity from regular use.

This would suggest that you husband's body eliminates nearly all of the alcohol consumed each night, during his sleep. Yes, for part of each day, he will also suffer some "rebound effect" from his nervous system adjusting to the lack of alcohol. But again, since this is a regular daily occurance, the nervous system probably has adapted. Those moments, however, are cause to be concerned about elevated blood pressure, and because he is already hypertensive, if he does decide to "come off" alcohol, should do so under medical observation - ie. detox.

You do say, you've learned not to talk about serious issues when he's drinking... but it's unclear whether it's because of his inebrity or memory blackouts, or a combination of both?

Chances are, being well used to 9 drinks, he does not display much inebrity when drinking. Being drunk is an effect of alcohol, having memory blackouts while drinking is a symptom of alcoholism.

It is entirely possible that your husband is an Alpha-type alcoholic. The most predominant kind in Europe. Where a person "has" to drink every day, but rarely displays drunkeness. The same body chemistry is there, a little different manifestation than the pre-dominant Beta-type alcoholic in North America... characterized by "loss of control" of drinking.

Either way...the advice you've recieved here is sound. This is a disease, and he needs to want to help himself with it.

In the meantime, you can seek help through Alanon - to learn effective coping skills, yourself, living with an active alcoholic. And, in so doing, move the partnership just that much closer to becoming healthy.

Think about it...check it out...give it a try.

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