I had an Epiphany

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I had an Epiphany

Postby dactrius » Sat Apr 28, 2007 10:50 am

Hello Everyone, I'm still Scott, and I'm still and Alcoholic. *smiling*

I just, and I mean I just got out of the shower, hair is still dripping, but I had and epiphany while I was washing my hair........ go figure. We are a strange lot, are we NOT?

So, all that notwithstanding, and keeping in the spirit of Spring, here is what came to me:

"Alcoholics Anonymous is to the Alcoholic .......... as Miracle Grow is to a Rose Bush!"

I've got today, I hope you do to.

Scott S.
(aka Dac)
Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA to always be there..... AND FOR THAT I AM RESPONSIBLE!!!!!
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Postby Holly96 » Tue May 01, 2007 7:26 pm

lol, well there is no right or wrong time to have an epiphany!!LOL

thanks for sharing yours with us. Its a good one! :lol:
don't leave before the miracle...you will be amazed.

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Postby Jimbo_D » Sat May 19, 2007 11:03 pm

Heres mine..

AA is to the Alcoholic.... as Non lethal bean bag rounds are to a prison riot.

The pain stops once you get on your knees and surrender!
We are all dead, safe, and in heaven-
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