Advice: turns out my sponsor is a sex worker

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Re: Advice: turns out my sponsor is a sex worker

Postby Blue Moon » Thu May 31, 2018 2:45 am

Perhaps you're not quite as "sex positive, pro sex worker rights, pro legalization, etc etc." as you've convinced yourself.

I have sat on the couch of a sponsor who probably had sex there, and in a car where there was probably something sordid done, very probably eaten at the same table after the chocolate sauce was cleaned off. What's the problem? You have consenting adults doing what consenting adults tend to do.

If the problem is legality, it seems a bit strange to be pro--legalising yet expect nobody to do something until after it's legal to do it.

Unfortunately, elected officials tend to conflate the oldest profession in the world with exploitation of women and children, despite no objective evidence-based study supporting the notion - except when it's driven underground as they tend to do by meddling. They've been "got at" by one too many who seem to think feminism is about being degrading and abusive toward men, or who think that their brand of religion should be enshrined in law.

Your sponsor may be one of the few who are debunking the theories of being exploited, which is why so many outraged self-righteous bigots would have a problem with her.

Bottom line: is she a sober individual who has her life on-track, recovered from alcoholism and able to teach you how to live sober and free? If so, what she does in her own time is really not a concern. But if not, then even if she was a devout nun I would suggest you find another sponsor. So it's not about what they do when you're not around, but what they offer for recovery when you're there.
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Re: Advice: turns out my sponsor is a sex worker

Postby Roberth » Thu May 31, 2018 3:11 pm

well Graywolf each group is autonomous.....LOL.....personally I don't like topic meetings. I have found most open topic meeting take on the topic of the own and most of the time it's one the someone needs. I am glad to hear about a crosstalk I like to what other people would handle things.
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