Making words mean what you want them to mean?

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Re: Making words mean what you want them to mean?

Postby tomsteve » Fri Mar 23, 2018 4:28 pm

Mary wrote:
Blue Moon wrote:
Mary wrote:Well the spiritual realm is God.

Bottom line: I've so-far stayed sober and relatively sane for a long time without having to accept anyone else's definition of what God is (or isn't).

Well I'll tell you this Blue Moon, I wouldn't stay sober or sane if I relied on this site, the way people talk past each other, though I see most of you are all singing from the same vapid hymn sheet and get so much out of it. Busy bodies with their pocket dictionaries sat beside them will chirp up...'that's how it feels to you'. Yeah, it is.

I'm done, with the site. Adios.

im sorry to read youre leaving the site,mary. i would like to leave some words you typed a while ago:

it is certainly true that when we are disturbed, the disturbance is in us and this needs to be addressed but also in order to function in the world we need to make judgements about other people too and if being around them is good for us or detrimental. The key is to not get hung up about them in gratuitous character assassination...that is just toxic to ourselves.
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