10 years

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10 years

Postby Mike O » Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:47 am

I have 10 years on Dec 26. Last drink Dec 26, 2007.
I'm not looking for credit or a pat on the back, or anything - just want to be part of the message that the 12 steps do work.
Mike O
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Re: 10 years

Postby Db1105 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:20 am

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Re: 10 years

Postby PaigeB » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:56 am

Miiiiiiiikke! HEAR HEAR my friend!

I know that you are passing it on too. Nothing more satisfying that outgoing Love. Thanks for sharing with ME, and (less selfishly) thanks for sharing with US!
:) :| :D :D =biggrin =confused =smile :) :D :D :D =biggrin :roll:
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Re: 10 years

Postby Spirit Flower » Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:23 pm

Congrats Mike.

I sort of remember when you first showed up here. Weird to think I've been on this board that long. I lived in a small town and had no where to go!
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Re: 10 years

Postby clouds » Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:17 am

Fantastic! thanks for sharing it.
" Burn the idea into the consciousness of every man that he can get well regardless of anyone. The only condition is that he trust in God and clean house." page 98 A.A.
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Re: 10 years

Postby Layne » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:51 am

just want to be part of the message that the 12 steps do work

That is indeed an important message to pass along. Thanks!
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Re: 10 years

Postby Roberth » Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:25 am

well done
Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in pretty, well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming WOW What a ride!!!!
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Re: 10 years

Postby highcostofliving » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:54 am

That is so cool..... you know what they call that?

A decade.

Thanks for the inspiration
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Re: 10 years

Postby positrac » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:36 am

Well done on 10 years and many more.

Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It's the best part of the day.
George Allen, Sr.
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