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e-AA Business Meeting.

Postby FYI » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:39 pm

A message to all members of e-AA Group,

"You're a member if you say you are" is something you will often hear in the rooms of AA.  We embrace this principle here at e-AA.  Our AA group has always tried hard to adhere to the principles of AA's 12 Traditions, and AA's 12 Concepts for World Service.

Are you aware that, here in the e-AA Group, we have a Business Meeting where discussions are had and decisions are made for the e-AA Group as a whole?  These are decisions which may sometimes affect your participation within the e-AA Group.

For example, we are currently in active discussion about updating the e-AA website.  This would affect us all.

So if you're an alcoholic and consider yourself a member of e-AA Group, we invite you to subscribe to the Business Meeting to learn more of how the group is operating behind the scenes, and participate in the future direction the group takes.  Of course, you have no obligation to do so. After all, you're a member of e-AA if you say you are.  But these discussions and decisions can only be determined by whoever turns up to the Business Meeting, not by anyone who doesn't.

So you can subscribe to the Business Meeting by selecting "members" at the following link: http://e-aa.org/maillist.html

It is only by participating together as a group that we can help to keep the virtual doors of e-AA open to the next still-suffering alcoholic who staggers in.

Why?  Because ...

AA Responsibility Pledge:
*I am Responsible.  When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.  And for that:  I am responsible.*

In service,

Ian S
Group Secretary, e-AA Group
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