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Re: Sexual problems

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:39 pm
by Noels
Good morning Eugeni :D excellent suggestions above. Since no one else was hurt or harmed it seems you still feel disgusted by your actions which we can all relate to as we all let ourselves down at some point when we were still actively drinking. It boils down to self love which can not be achieved without us accepting what we did at that time with the understanding that we have now changed. A good exercise is to stand in front of the mirror, look deep into your eyes and say ' Eugeni, I love you and accept you EXACTLY as you are '. Whatever you feel come up in your body, work with it as that is where the blockage is. Place your attention on that area and allow any memories or feelings to come to the fore. Then very gently but honestly, look at the memories and feelings, hand them over to your Higher Power to clean and clear whilst accepting that it was your actions THEN but not anymore. Our past we can not change. It happened BUT our past was necessary to learn from. Without our past we would not have been where we are today :D as long as we don't repeat the mistakes learned from in our past it was all worthwhile.
Let go and let God.
Love and light
Noels xxx