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Re: Friendships

Postby missyellow » Thu Jun 09, 2016 10:40 am

RosieF wrote:While you were drinking your friends knew there was no point in raising incdents from the past- now that you're sober they may be annoyed (while glad for your sobriety) that you seem to think you can get off scot-free with everything you did while ill just because you have a disease. ?

Wow.... I never thought of it like that. That's definitely made me think!

However, the falling out was about something that my friend didn't even know about until last week and to be honest, I think she's just being nosy and trying to pry, especially when I told her it was done and dusted and in the past... that i'm doing really well now and please not to bring up any negativity. I think being sober has just made me noticed traits in her which I don't like, and also now that my self esteem is slowly rising and I have a better view of myself, I notice when she talks down to me and doesn't treat me right.

Patsy© wrote:
If this person isn't speaking to you due to your choice in not wanting to discuss something from 3 years ago that didn't involve her and has no relevance to your life now...then perhaps you need to reevaluate the relationship, for you and your own peace of mind. It doesn't sound as if she has respect for your personal choices. You are not losing friends, you are simply making different choices :)

I like that... my choice is to focus on myself and my health and if someone is deliberately getting in the way of that... perhaps she's not the right friend for me.

Thanks for all the advice guys, it really helps!
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Re: Friendships

Postby Roberth » Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:46 am

Hello miss yellow. I am still friends with some of the guys I use to run and gun with, many as far back as high school. Just for a time frame I graduation in 1969 and get sober in 92.
Some of my old from High school are dead, some got sober and some grew up to be normies.
Early in sobriety I was invite to a birthday party for one of the ones I when into the army with. I talked to my sponsor and his advice was simple….if I was going to test the water about not drinking don’t go but I was going just celebrate my friend’s birthday then go.
Once I got there I was offered a beer which I let them know I no longer drank. Then a strangest thing happen they said good and the conversation when to how to get one of the guys to stop that were still drinking and drugging.
People care supposed those how didn’t fell away without much help from me
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