"Lawyer Meetings" (closed, invitation-only AA groups)

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"Lawyer Meetings" (closed, invitation-only AA groups)

Postby No.3 » Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:21 am

The 1971 pamphlet "The TwelveTraditions Illustrated" Third Tradition page explains what was probably more common practice back in day.
What about the group that seems to impose extra requirements, beyond “a desire to stop drinking”? This might be a “special interest” group or...

(My current sponsor describes AA in the mid 1970s as basically "underground" and "secretive" in urban NE.) As the period pamphlet points out, AA is diverse and certainly allows for Special Interest Groups - because groups are autonomous anyway - which may have specific requirements for group membership or a participation in particular meeting.

The obvious example still exists most places: the WOMEN's MEETING. As a male, I'd not be welcome to regularly attend a "women's meeting." That (intrusion of a male) would probably make most (females) uncomfortable, even upset a few; that's clearly transgressing a social boundary that rational people "get," correct? Likewise, a closed YPAA meeting in a clubhouse might impose an age-requirement to help manage potentially inappropriate mixing of adults&minors (so it was explained to me, at Age 23). Rules are rules - groups can have rules determined by their own group conscience.

The example I'm curious to see discussed, however, is so-called "lawyer meetings." At these closed, invitation-only AA meetings, you don't need to be a "lawyer" as such (although a meeting/group might require a specific professional credential), but an outsider/public AA member could be excluded by whatever discretionary criteria the host/chair/rule of meeting determines. Maybe this type of meeting is today more often limited to urban, white-collar business districts or enhanced security zones? I haven't attended a lawyer meeting since the late 1990s in NYC; as I recall, you had to be put "on the list, get a badge, etc" by another group member at the Tower Group in Tower2 WTC. Today, a closed, listed university meeting I know of requires a passcode for entry - that's how it's "managed" in theory. In practice, anyone just waits to get let in.

Have posters here attended any type of "lawyer meeting" or closed meeting requiring an "ok" from a trusted servant or current member? Do others oppose this sort of thing on principle, and what would you tell your sponsee(s) about participating in something like this?
"The Group demands total loyalty to the inner group. Some have had to leave the movement because of the Groups' demands which conflict with truth or duty." The Oxford Groups by Herbert H. Henson, 1933, pages 73-74.
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Re: "Lawyer Meetings" (closed, invitation-only AA groups)

Postby Trudge with me » Sat Nov 21, 2015 11:29 am

As a Doctor, I attend Caduceus meetings. Caduceus is a support group made up of healthcare professionals recovering from chemical dependence. These are closed meetings.
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Re: "Lawyer Meetings" (closed, invitation-only AA groups)

Postby 2granddaughters » Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:24 pm

I (as a garden variety alcoholic) have sat at regular closed meetings in our area with:
- a priest from the Vatican (and many pastors/priests/ministers of lesser rank)
- chief-of-staff doctor at the largest hospital in the County. (famous psychiatrists, veterinarians, GP doctors)
-chief of police (and a few officers) in our local police force.
-the highest paid lawyer (/hr) in our area (and many lesser ones)

I keep coming to meetings as I don't believe I have encountered a candlestick maker yet (I've met the butcher, the baker and Indian chief)

The AAs who are convicts in our area let the police attend .... they know the cops aren't that much lower. :lol:

Re: "Lawyer Meetings" (closed, invitation-only AA groups)

Postby alf » Sun Nov 29, 2015 1:10 pm

i've always wondered if there were closed meetings for sober bar-tenders and liquor store workers.
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Re: "Lawyer Meetings" (closed, invitation-only AA groups)

Postby D'oh » Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:08 am

We don't have any "Member Jackets Only Meetings" here. Doubtful they would work with such a small overall population anyways. However we have had some Prominent local figures attend and get sober in the "Normal Rooms".

Having just said that, I had to wonder the number of people that have never made through the doors because of this. But I quickly remembered "Willing to go to Any Length to get it" It is truly one of the bases of the Program, we don't go to meeting to see Shrinks, Doctors, Lawyers, Judges. We go to experience the ESH of those who Have or are Recovering from Our disease.

Buy if it is not called AA, there is nothing really in the Traditions that say it cannot go on.
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Re: "Lawyer Meetings" (closed, invitation-only AA groups)

Postby kdub720 » Tue Aug 30, 2016 10:41 am

I like closed groups, because everyone there is serious. you do not have 13 steppers, sober curious people, parents, siblings and other outsiders. I agree that exclusion is not right. Yet recovery is a selfish act and needs to be. We do this for ourselves. I do better in my sobriety with like minded peers as apposed to open meetings.
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Re: "Lawyer Meetings" (closed, invitation-only AA groups)

Postby Noels » Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:21 pm

:lol: ooooohh sounds secretive :lol: nope sorry, never experienced one of those in my life yet and probably wouldn't want to either. Secretive to me means no good going on. :lol:
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