Should someone without a sponsor sponsor?

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Re: Should someone without a sponsor sponsor?

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My sponsor does not have a sponsor. He did. His sponsor died sober after 49 years of continuous sobriety. My line of sponsorship can be traced back to Bill W. All having successfully died sober.

I had my first sponsor for 8 years until he died sober. I went without a sponsor for two years but had to be honest with myself that I needed some further refinement that would require a new sponsor. I do believe there will come a point where I will no longer need a sponsor but simply rely upon the constant fellowship of other old timers within the groups.

I don't believe in a black and white answer but yet believe that there is a lot of grey area with questions that need to be answered before one can determine their needs for sponsorship.
By the grace of God using the fellowship of AA and the twelves steps I have not picked up a drink since October 6th, 2002.

Gary D.

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Re: Should someone without a sponsor sponsor?

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Thanks again, everyone. I've heard some good things here.

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