Grateful on February 5 2013

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Grateful on February 5 2013

Postby deanpinsurreybc » Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:45 am

Grateful today that I'm not in Prison wearing the orange jump suit - sharing a cell with Mr Tattoo and his wonderful attitude!

Is something to be said for Freedom!

My first step meeting was on step 1 and somewhere in the beginning of the Big Book it said I could be a free man to go anywhere in the free world!

What a promise!

AA Delivered!

I now live near the equator - sun and fun!

Before I got sober my geographic cure was 15 mile move - couldn't afford to go farther! And had to move back anyways as that 15 miles that I drove drunk!

Happy Tuesday!

Grateful to be here and grateful to be sober!

Dean P.
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