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Postby Texan » Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:53 pm

....are so much better when I don't have to make that mad dash to the liquor store so I don't run out on Sunday's! I can also get errands done without my wife worrying that I'll come home toasted and without her calling me every fifteen minutes wondering where I am!

Tomorrow is our 23rd anniversary. We went to try out a new place in town that is behind the best Tex-Mex place in town, and is owned by the same man. Turns out the new place was closed for a private party, so we went next door to the Tex-Mex joint. The owner (who we know) was walking from one restaurant to the other that was closed due to the private party. He stopped to say hello to us and my wife mentioned to him that it was our anniversary and that she was disappointed that the new place was closed. He told her that he'd make it up to us somehow. After we were seated he came by the table offering us each a shot of Petron. We declined graciously, but he insisted on at least comping us dessert.

That was some darn good dessert!!!!

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