Greetings everyone.

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quiet bear
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Greetings everyone.

Post by quiet bear » Thu Oct 12, 2006 6:31 am

Quiet bear here. Alcoholic yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I looked around, and all of a sudden, I am barrelling towards 4 years sobriety. (October 20). Where does the time go? I guess, when you don't live your life a slave to your addiction, you get to enjoy where you are.

Anyway, I just joined this site. I probably won't post much at first, just mostly read.

How I found this site is, every year, near my anniversary, I write a letter to the rehabilitation center where I spent 30 days, thanking them for giving me the tools I needed to save my own life. I know they post them on a bulletin board down there, and I remember what hope it gave me, reading the letters from others who'd been there before me. So, hopefully, people just beginning their sober lives will get a speck of hope by reading my letter.

So, going with that, I thought I'd find a site on line where I could share with others, as well. I did a quick search, and here I am. Also, it gives me a good feeling to read others' success stories.

I'll be around.

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Post by stephbridget » Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:42 pm

I am glad you are here.

Steph in TX
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