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Post by neuweg » Sun Jun 25, 2006 8:02 am

My name is Peter and I am an aloholic. I joined this forum because I realise I am not getting enough AA in my life at the moment. This year is looking to be the most challenging I have had in my 13 years of sobriety - family, job, financial etc.

I got sober in Toronto but have been living in Holland for 10 years. I live here but mostly work in the UK - where I get to meetings about once per week.

A year ago last April I was on a company course in Nashville and caught some meetings - really good ones - including a Saturday meeting where I met a couple of Old Timers with whom I had lunch. One of them said he would send me CDs of a recent roundup he had helped organise. I gave him my address and a few weeks later pack of 8 CDs appeared in my post.

They sat on a shelf for over a year. I only picked them up recently and started listening, especially in my car. Good message - and exactly what I need at this time - amazing how God will provide you exactly what you need - when you let Him.

Basically I need to turn my life and particulary my will over to my Higher Power.

A little more bio - I was very fortunate in that my first group was a Big Book Group, with a lot of Old Timers. Also Toronto is a great place to get sober. I attribute my present sobriety to having done a lot of 12 step work in my first 3-4 years. It is like money in the bank.

Today I am less active - partly because it is harder to get to meetings and partly because my focus is mostly around what I got sober for in the first place - family, career, etc. But I still need to go to meetings.

I have a personal theory about this - I believe part of mankind's genetic makeup includes an automatic ability to supress painful memory - probably hardwired into us during our Neolithic past. Here is an example - 9 years ago I visited Paris in early January - we froze, the whole family (especially young children) in pain. Could not get warm anywhere - there being few warm public places in Paris. Six years later - where do I go in January - with the family? Yup, Paris (Disney). It was even worse - had to stay in our hotel for 3 days.

How else can you explain how an alcoholic in the midst of a hangover will swear up and down to go on the water wagon - only to be sipping that first drink of the day a few hours later.

Anyway a long way to say this is why I don't stray too far from the program - amongst other things I need to remember what it was like.

My official home group is the UTRECHT BIG BOOK MEETING on Wednesday nights (though I have not been there for a couple of months) and my second home group is City Survivors in London also on Wednesday.

I hope to meet many of you over the next while.

God Bless,

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