Returning to e-AA - I got sober here

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Returning to e-AA - I got sober here

Post by MyNameIsBetsy »

Hi all. I'm Betsy, and am an alcoholic. A sober one now for 16 years.
I got sober here in 2003. Some of the people here were Dennis, Ian, Bonnie, Ann, Dean, Carrie, Pam, Susan, Ketra . . . . I've lost touch with many, but stayed in contact with a few.
It's good to be back. Hope you all are happily trudging the road of happy destiny.
- Betsy
"Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path."

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Re: Returning to e-AA - I got sober here

Post by Jojo2 »

Welcome back, Betsy.

Glad you are here.

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Re: Returning to e-AA - I got sober here

Post by Brock »

Hi Betsy, it’s nice of you to return and say how e-AA helped you, it encourages others who may be surfing for help and wondering if an online group like this can really be useful.

Of the names you mention Dean is very much here, and handles the bulk of our computer problems if and when they arise. I recognize both Ian and Anne who were also here when I joined and very active in service, but AA groups are just humans, and sometimes there are disagreements and differences of opinion, and some folks move on when this happens. While the site is not as active as it was in the past, it still is a strong recovery based group.
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