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I'm new here

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:32 pm
by Pauline12
Hey everyone,

So, I've never been a part of AA. No meetings. I've gotten into trouble with drinking, but nothing on my record (yet). But I have a problem with it and my family is worried because alcoholism runs in our blood. My cousin just died from it - at 39 - and I had to watch her decay. I've never been through anything like that before.
I drink beer, have every night for a few months, and since my cousin's death I've (for some reason) notched it up by drinking a couple, then getting a craving to go out with people and drink more. I always feel foolish and guilty the next morning, especially when I go out, but I've been telling myself quietly every day for a couple of weeks now that I won't drink. It's not working so I'm reaching out for help. Please help!

Re: I'm new here

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:03 pm
by Noels
Hi Pauline and welcome to e-aa :D Ive just come back from a meeting where we had a member's 3 year sober celebration. The awesomeness is that he shared that for non-alcoholics the words guilt, shame and remorse would not make sense and would take forever to explain to them but when saying those words - guilt, shame and remorse to any alcoholic needs no further explanation as each alcoholic understand those words as a whole - the entire package. Completely. No explanation needed. That is because every alcoholic, no matter whether a low-bottom or high-bottom alcoholic, have experienced guilt, shame and remorse.

My suggestion to get started would be what I did. Google and find an AA meeting close to home. Make sure you get to that meeting. Listen to what the fellas there are saying and try to find in their words and experiences things that you can relate to. After the meeting chat with the person who chaired the meeting or someone you think you can relate to. Discuss your situation with that person and try and get together if you can to go through "Doctor's Opinion" in the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book. From there attend meetings regularly and you will eventually find someone who you will relate to sufficiently to ask to become your Sponsor and to start working our wonderfully simply 12 step program of recovery with you.

The only requirement for membership is that you have an intense desire to stop drinking. Nothing else. We don't need to be saints and we don't need to be perfect and every alcoholic understands and know that meaning as well.

So find a meeting and start recovering girl. Take our hand and we will walk with you until you are strong enough to walk on your own.

Love and Light
Noels xxx

Re: I'm new here

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:23 pm
by Duke
Welcome Pauline. The program of alcoholics anonymous saved my life and gave me a new one that I cherish. It all started with getting past my excuses and going to a meeting. If you want to do something about your drinking, you really don't need to make it any more complicated than get to a meeting at this point.

Good luck to you.

Re: I'm new here

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:46 pm
by ezdzit247
Hi Pauline and welcome.

So glad you found this forum and decided to ask for help with your drinking problem.

AA has a pamphlet entitled "This is AA - An introduction to the AA recovery program" which will help answer your questions about how the program works. Most AA meetings have this pamphlet on their literature shelf or you can read it online by clicking on this link:

Here's an excerpt from the pamphlet on AA's 24 hour plan for not drinking one day at a time:

"For example, we take no pledges, we don’t say that we will “never” drink again. Instead, we try to follow what we in A.A. call the “24-hour plan.” We concentrate on keeping sober just the current twenty-four hours. We simply try to get through one day at a time without a drink. If we feel the urge for a drink, we neither yield nor resist. We merely put off taking that particular drink until tomorrow…."

Please feel free to post any questions you may have about the AA program. All of e-aa's forum members are also sober alcoholics and will be glad to share their experience, hope and strength in recovery.

Keep coming back….

Re: I'm new here

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:03 pm
by Brock
We merely put off taking that particular drink until tomorrow…."

Please understand that this is for a while only, once we follow the steps as laid out, we will not be putting off a drink because we won't think about drinking. Here is a quote from our main text, it's something we have experienced, and I wish you the best of luck in finding it for yourself.
We will see that our new attitude toward liquor has been given us without any thought or effort on our part. It just comes! That is the miracle of it. We are not fighting it, neither are we avoiding temptation. We feel as though we had been placed in a position of neutrality safe and protected. We have not even sworn off. Instead, the problem has been removed. It does not exist for us.

Re: I'm new here

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 4:22 am
by whipping post
Hi and welcome Pauline,

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin to alcohol.

I can sure relate to saying I wasn't going to drink but doing so anyway. No amount of willpower worked for me at all. The cycle of alcoholism doesn't have to continue running in your family. It can stop with you. Hope you stick around.