I'd just like to share a funny Step 4 moment...

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I'd just like to share a funny Step 4 moment...

Post by Tosh »

Not so long ago, I was showing an ex army officer how to write a Step 4 resentment inventory. Following my own sponsor's lead, I took my own Step 4 resentment list out and did a mini Step 5 with it with my officer sponsee.

Anyway, on my list, one of my resentments was against my old Commanding Officer, whom I had listed as "C.O." and the conversation went like this.

Sponsor: "What was the name of your Commanding Officer?"

Me: "Col L______. I haven't made amends to him because I don't know where he is now!"

Sponsor: "Oh, that's Richard, he left the army three years ago and he's now a maths school teacher in Bath!"

Me: "Sigh!" :cry:

It's a small world, innit! :mrgreen:
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Re: I'd just like to share a funny Step 4 moment...

Post by PaigeB »

What a moment in time! More proof that our sponsee's will teach us...
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