hurry before it starts!

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hurry before it starts!

Postby Karl R » Fri Aug 15, 2008 6:15 am

This joke was told to me yesterday. It revolves around the drinking alcoholics certainty that other people are responsible for our problems.


Man comes home from work. His wife meets him at the door.
He shouts, "hurry-get me a beer before it starts"

She doesn't know what 'it' is but she complies because her husband's attitude is serious.

He promptly drinks down that beer in one gulp and shouts
"hurry-get me another beer before it starts"

Again-she complies because he seems so agitated.

He promptly downs the second beer and shouts a third time,
"hurry-get me another beer before it starts"

this time she says 'haven't you had enough beer already?"

He says, "damn-now it's started"

cheers on a Friday-TGIF

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