Next Thursday...

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Next Thursday...

Postby jak » Sat Apr 26, 2008 6:44 am

A sponsor was at a meeting with his newcomer, he was introducing him to his AA friends when the new man suddenly clutched his chest then collapsed on to the floor writhing in agony. The paramedics arrived and eventually revived the newcomer back to life. "My God, I thought you were a goner there for a moment" said the sponsor.

The new man looked up at his sponsor and said "I do believe I was dead there for a short time. "I saw a bright light, there was a sense of victory. I felt lifted up, as though a the great clean wind from a mountain top blew through and through" (does this sound familiar )I'm sure I was in heaven, it was an incredible experience.

"Tell me, Tell me" said the sponsor, "what was heaven like". Well said the newcomer, "I've got good news and bad news". "The good news is that in heaven they have a huge speaker meeting every Thursday night. All the greatest AA speakers that have passed away speak there". And the bad news", asked the sponsor. "well" said the newcomer, "The bad news is you’re the speaker next Thursday...
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