The Obsession of the Mind

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The Obsession of the Mind

Postby jak » Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:54 am

On a desert island a shipwrecked sailor finds a bottle in the sand.

The sailor picks up the bottle, dusts it off, pulls the cork, and tries to drink from it…nothing comes out and he tosses it aside.

A genie enters from the direction of the discarded bottle and startles the sailor.

Sailor: " Who are you?! Where did you come from?!"

Genie: " I am Shazam and you have freed me from my prison! I grant you three wishes for your reward!"

Sailor: " WOW !" " I can have anything?!"

Genie: " I am Shazam! If you ask it, I will give you anything at all!"

Sailor: " WOW !" "Oh man, am I thirsty! Can you give me anything to drink?"

Genie- a bit perturbed: " I am Shazam! If you ask it I will give you anything you want! !"

Sailor: " WOW !" " Could it be like a magic bottle that never runs dry?"

Genie-getting angry:

Sailor- getting excited: " Oh…. WOW !" " I want a bottle of rum that never runs empty…that is always full !"

Genie- folds his arms stands up tall and says:" I am Shazam ! It shall be as you wish !"

Genie produces the same bottle that the sailor had tossed.
Sailor pulls the cork and peers inside, smells it and grins. Then takes a long drink. Peers inside to see that the bottle is still full as ever.

He grins and says,
" Oh…WOW !" and then takes another long drink.
Lifts the bottle to his lips again and now the Genie is getting impatient and reaches out to stop the sailors arm.

Genie: " I am Shazam and you have yet two more wishes !"

Sailor- more excited: " Oh…WOW !" " Oh… WOW !"
he peers inside the bottle one more time, grins lifts the bottle up to the Genie and says,
" Oh… WOW !" " I want two more of these !"


I thought I was confused...but now I'm not sure.
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