With Laughter Comes Humility.

"... We absolutely insist on enjoying life" (p. 132, Alcoholics Anonymous). Here's the forum for fun and frivolity. Enjoy!
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With Laughter Comes Humility.

Post by Clark » Sat Apr 15, 2006 4:51 pm


"You grow up the day you have
the first real laugh - at yourself."
--Ethel Barrymore

Today I can laugh at myself. I do not take myself too seriously and I
am beginning to grow. I used to be so serious. Having the "poor me's",
sitting on my pity pot demanding attention; I was so unhappy. And I
was causing my unhappiness.

Then a friend listened to my complaints for half an hour and then
began to laugh, giving out a real belly-laugh and at that point I began
to laugh, too! My attitude was so stupid, selfish and futile that it
demanded a laugh to shake me out of it - at that point I began to grow.

Today I laugh at my funny little ways, my funny little walk, my
ridiculous pretensions, my grandiose behavior. Today with the laughter
comes humility.

Clark E.
"The best is yet to come."

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Re: With Laughter Comes Humility.

Post by Tommy-S » Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:11 pm

An Oldie... full of Truth.

The very first time I laughed at myself was in early sobriety...

I had just been dropped off at the Navy Base Gate by a fellow at the meeting (They wouldn't pick me up, but promised IF I got there, they'd give me a ride home). I still had a mile to walk to get back to the ship, and my head was working on me as I was in the midst of the 4th Step.

As my two remaining brain cells slugged it out, I remembered my sponsor saying, "If you're having a problem with a Step, you might need to revisit the previous one." Immediately, I reviewed my 3rd Step... And realized I hadn't taken it on my knees (kind of shy about kneeling around a bunch of sailors & marines back then)

So, willing to go to any lengths, and finding myself in a dark, neighborhood section of the base, I decided then & there to kneel and get it over with.

When I finished, there was two flashlights on me, and a couple Shore Patrol behind them, wanting to know what I was doing. As I was told to work an honest program, I told them, "I was praying". They looked at each other and agreed, "Call the Paddy Wagon."

So I was thrown in the base Paddy Wagon with month or two sober!

On the way, those 'demons of discouragement' worked on me as I thought of the few times I was 'caught' behind the drink (many more I got by with & settled on my 9th Step), I couldn't help but think, "I'm getting arrested for praying! This AA stuff ain't going to work for me!!!"

Once back at the Shore Patrol HQ, I kept to an honest program and told the Chief Master of Arms I was praying (keeping my anonymity as an AA). He informed me I was trespassing on the Admiral's Lawn, but seeing I was Not drinking, and not knowing how to handle this rather unique situation, he released me.

I immediately called my sponsor (we used to carry a quarter back then just for emergencies like "getting arrested for praying" :), who started laughing his butt off as I explained through the pay phone! ... Which got me laughing about it, too

Finally, he added, "If getting arrested for praying is the worst that happens to you in Sobriety, you're going to be OK."

True story... :)

Together, we don't have to cave in or wimp out to that Fatal First One, no matter what today!

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Re: With Laughter Comes Humility.

Post by ann2 » Sat Sep 22, 2012 1:01 am

Thanks for sharing, Tommy, that really is a classic.

"If I don't take twenty walks, Billy Beane send me to Mexico" -- Miguel Tejada

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