The Pastor's Cat

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Re: The Pastor's Cat

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Some years back we got a miniature dachshund. She is a black and tan, and has never weighed over 13 pounds. She's now seven years old, pretty set in her ways and I've found that she's the best form of birth control there is 'cause she sleeps in between us and will growl and bark if we even so much as kiss each other good night. Anyway, I digress. She's an indoor dog. We let her out to do her 'business' but she comes right back in. One time we decided to go to visit our family in another town. My parents have cats. Several as a matter of fact. I figured we'd take the kennel and the pooch could snooze away the day in her kennel and not get in the middle of the cats at my folks house. My dad decided that he wanted to introduce one of their cats to the dog. I told him that it might not be a good Idea, but he insisted. So I go into the garage and get the pooch out of the kennel. By the time I get back in the house, he's rounded up this one stub tailed long hair they have. I brought the dog in, holder her. He's got the cat and starts talking to it like its a human saying something like, here kitty, meet your cousin pooch. He gets the cat up near the dogs nose. Now the dog is happy as a lark and isn't even barking. The pooch stretched her neck to sniff kitty and that was about all kitty wanted. Kitty extended all twenty claws and crawled up dads arm and ends up on top of his head. Kitty is hanging on to his head with all twenty claws extended and piercing his scalp, all the while howling and hissing at the pooch. They have this kitty climbing thing in the den that's about six feet tall, and kitty cocks the hind legs and launches from his head to the climbing thing, leaving some neat little tear marks in his scalp. Dad is wreathing in pain from his scalp down to his wrists where kitty started up his arm. His long sleeve shirt is ripped to shreds up that one arm, and now blood is beginning to flow down his forehead from where kitty got a toe hold before the launch. The pooch is completely oblivious to what has just taken place and is perfectly content to just hang out in my arms.

Valuable lesson of the day there was never to attempt a force meet with a cat who is skittish in the first place, with a dog that has a tongue about as long as its body. Somebody is going to donate some blood, for sure. 8) 8) :lol: :lol: :lol:
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