Which Place

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Which Place

Post by ann2 »

Found on the Kuwait's web site -- so cute :)

Which Place
I dreamed on night I'd passed away and left this world behind
I started down that lonesome trail some of my friends to find
I came to a signboard on the trail the directions it did tell
Keep right to go to Heaven, turn left to go to Hell.

I had not been too good on Earth, just a hopeless boozing rake
And knew there at the crossroads the path I had to take
So I started down the rocky path that leads to Satan's place
And I shook with fear not knowing just what I'd have to face.

Old Satan met me at the gate "what's your name my friend?"
I said "I'm just old sober Sam, that's come to a very sad end"
He glanced through some yellow files. "You've made a mistake I fear"
Your listed as a recovering Alcoholic; you're not welcome here."

I said, "I'm looking for my friends," and a smile came over his face.
"If they are recovering alkies, then they're in the other place."
So I went back the way I came until the crossroads I did see,
Then turned right to Heaven, as happy as could be.

St. Peter smiled and said, "Come in, for you I have a berth.
You're an alcoholic and you went through hell on Earth."
I saw old Bill, Bob and Mary and friends like Tommy Bell
And brother was I so happy because I thought they'd gone to Hell.

So brothers and sisters take warning, learn something from my trip.
You have a place in heaven if you try hard not to slip
If someone tempts you with a drink when you're not feeling well
Just tell him you're going to Heaven, and he can go to Hell.
"If I don't take twenty walks, Billy Beane send me to Mexico" -- Miguel Tejada

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Re: Which Place

Post by Tommy-S »

Thanks, Ann :)

I worked with AA Prison Groups before going to Iraq. One State Prison had their group registered with GSO, and one of their founders was in for Homicide...behind the drink.

John was about 20 years sober when I met him, and I often wondered how he would amend his wrong... As I watched, I saw him work with inmate after inmate, straightening them out with their drinking, and probably ended their criminal careers for many.

The State & Family continued to deny John his Parole, but he seemed unfazed, accepting it as the Way it was supposed to be. he died in prison while I was away, 25 years sober.

John helped hundreds turn around... I think he sponsored the entire facility. Because of him, those hundreds, when released back into society, MAY never do the stuff that got them sentenced.

The point is, while we can't take back what we have done, Sobriety gives us a chance to change. I know I probably wouldn't do have the good I do now IF it hadn't been for the bad i did back then.

It doesn't replace the devastating loss of life. But maybe there is a slim chance that helping enough people to change for the better, the Divine worked it out for John to amend what he had done.

Just something the poem reminded me of :)

Together, we don't have to cave in or wimp out to that Fatal First One, no matter what today!

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