The May 2012 GrapeVine is here!

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The May 2012 GrapeVine is here!

Postby jakpar » Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:11 pm

Each month the e-AA Group gives away a FREE one year subscription to
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The GrapeVine Committee

The May 2012 Grapevine is Here!

In this month's special section, members share about the tools of the program

What helps us stay sober today? Is it that morning prayer? That phone call to our sponsor? Finishing that Fourth Step? Or how about that crazy share we blurt out at our home group? For each of us, it’s different, depending on the day. But one thing we do know … if we trust our Higher Power and pick up the basic tools of AA, we have a good chance of not picking up that drink today.

In this special May “Back to the Basics” issue, we feature stories about some of the great tools that keep us on the beam.
Read more in the Editor's Letter.

“We are not living just to be sober; we are living to learn, to serve, and to love.”—Bill W., As Bill Sees It

Special Section: Back to the Basics the tools that keep us sober today

Sponsorship: Stitch and Giggle
With a firm hand, she showed a newcomer how to create a sober pattern that wouldn’t unravel

Read this and more at

Sharing: We Open Up
He listens to stay and stays to feel the love

Trust in God: Sunsets—Not My Idea
Having all power didn’t get her very far

Acceptance: Putting Down the Gloves
She discovered much-needed peace in her first year of sobriety

Fellowship: Pool Party
Alone and isolated, his winning ticket was a friendly AA meeting

Slogans: Say the Magic Words
Our precious sayings get this alcoholic through the day

Steps and Traditions
Another Human Being
Metal bars couldn’t stop the Fifth Step from freeing this man’s new friend

Keeping Our Focus
Tradition Five reminds him that he’s uniquely qualified to do one thing well

Our Personal Stories
Weapons Down
He joined the marines to drink and fight, but came to AA to surrender

Face Value
How she got off her dirty carpet, found self-worth and learned to help others

Mississippi Pay Dirt
On a country road, he found the guys who gave him the tools to save his life

Love on the Rocks
How the Steps helped a newly sober couple put their wedding rings back on

Emotional Sobriety
Struggling through hard economic times, she finds that AA is recession-proof

Joe Never Came Back
Her boyfriend took off when she got pregnant, but AA never left her side

Into Action
Plane Talk
Reaching out to a stranger in the air lifted him up higher

In Every Issue
Dear Grapevine
At Wit’s End
Alcoholism at Large

"We are of service by accepting responsibility for the authority God has given us and by respecting the authority God has given to others"
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