The December 2011 Grapevine is Here

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The December 2011 Grapevine is Here

Postby jakpar » Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:23 am

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The December 2011 Grapevine is Here
This month's special section is comprised of a selection of stories about celebrating the holidays sober.

The holidays can be a stressful time for AAs, especially newcomers. With all the parties and celebrations that the season brings,
there can also be a good deal of imbibing and family tension. This issue is devoted to stories by members about how they handle
the holidays and make them, well, un-crazy.
"As in no other season we of AA gratefully reflect upon that miracle of rebirth and regeneration which has befallen us; we joyfully
gaze upon the ever brighter radiance that suffuses our once dark world."—Bill W., December 1951 Grapevine article
This month's special section is comprised of a selection of stories about celebrating the holidays sober. Read more about the issue
in the Editor's Letter.
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Grapevine has announced all the special topics for 2012.
Here are some upcoming topics:
May 2012: Cornerstones of AA
Members share about the basics of the Program and how they work it.
Deadline for submissions December 14.
June 2012: Special Report: Founder's Day Issue
Stories by members about Founder's Day and Founder's Day history.
Deadline for submissions January 3.
July 2012:Annual Prison Issue
Members in jails and prisons share their solutions for recovery behind the walls.
Deadline for submissions February 3.

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