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the envelope please........

Postby jakpar » Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:47 am

Beware of falling objects
My tools for building a new sober individual:
Steps One through Five—Under Construction:
Avoid enclosed spaces and relationships. Engage in service work, wear a hard hat to avoid falling objects and objectives.
Steps Six through Nine—A work in progress: Visible transformation taking place, start to carpool and discuss plans, evidence of previous structure fades away.
Steps Ten through Twelve—Under new management: Able to take orders from above, ready for future use.
—Brad G., Gulfport, Fla.


hello everyone,
I'm Jack and I am an alcoholic, grateful to be a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous.
thank you for allowing me to serve.

Thanks Pat for drawing the winners! as well as posting announcements to the womens meetings,
and thanks to everyone in chat meetings posting the GrapeVine announcement about our drawing!

Congratulations to Susan B. this months GrapeVine subscription winner!

Each month the e-AA Group gives away a FREE one year subscription to the Grapevine Magazine, our meeting in print.
The drawing is FREE, so enter now
please include your email address and the location you are reading this announcement.

Once we receive your entry, we will notify you and put you in the drawing for that month.
Remember, keep entering each month to be eligible to win!
Thank you in advance for participating, GOOD LUCK!

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The GrapeVine Committee
Jack and Pat


August 2012: Letter from the Editor

What better to do on a hot sober summer day but kick back on the beach and read a good book? Grapevine has many terrific books, filled with stories from AA members sharing their experience, strength and hope. This month, our special section features some of our very favorite stories from their pages.

From our Beginners’ Book, a newcomer learns how to get sober—as well as get his hands dirty—in the sweet sponsorship story “Garden Variety Sobriety.” >From Spiritual Awakenings II, a woman with 34 years recalls how a night out dancing with her friends changed her sobriety forever in “Club Grace.” From our beloved Bill W. collection, The Language of the Heart, our co-founder, in a beautiful article from 1962, writes about the different ways we AAs find our Higher Powers in “Spiritual Experiences.” We also include the funny tale “Honeymoon,” from the book Emotional Sobriety II, about the sheer insanity of early sobriety. The August issue is also chock-full of brand new stories from members, such as “Alley Cat,” “Back From Haiti” and “Man in the Mirror.”

Would you like to start each day with a bit of Grapevine inspiration? Check out the website’s main page. We now feature a daily “Grapevine Quote” from our deep well of articles dating back to 1944—many from Bill W.—which can also be emailed to you, every day, free. To see today’s passage, visit

Enjoy the summer!
In fellowship
The Editor

"We are of service by accepting responsibility for the authority God has given us and by respecting the authority God has given to others"
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