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Re: Trouble on the homefront

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:11 am
by positrac
I can feel your pain and all I know is this: Is it worth drinking over today or next week in a moment of weakness? Thinking your urge through start to finish and work being accomplished maybe might matter. Many people sober have dealt with your situation and they have stayed clean and sober and continue to live productive lives and so can you.

Like I mentioned earlier your mind in idle can lead you into stinking thinking and you have no control over this. Keep your mind occupied and this too shall pass and it can be peaceful and a way to unload stuff.

Re: Trouble on the homefront

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 9:16 am
by highcostofliving
Blue - thanks... about the amends.... I think you're right, I can certainly put it in there with the idea of simply asking "what can I do?" or something... I'm sure my sponsor will have a good way to put it. I'm going to be sitting down with her soon to do my amends.....

Things have actually gotten better - in my head - I had my one breakdown day (sober, I mean where the marbles in my brain were rolling around)... and I've pretty much had a good week, just doing my own thing with little worry about the rest of it.... she's going to do what she wants regardless... my job is to stay sober, continue working the steps, work on my spiritual progress... and as corny as it sounds.. just smile...

I appreciate all you guys have to say, thanks for being my sounding board.