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Re: Tips for Sober life

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:22 pm
by positrac
Stepchild wrote:
I was good with meetings and sobriety, it was the steps and the inner work I didn't like.
I don't think there are many of us that did like it. Bill W. talks about this in Bill's Story...

Trembling, I stepped from the hospital a broken man. Fear sobered me for a bit. Then came the insidious insanity of that first drink, and on Armistice Day 1934, I was off again.
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It's not an uncommon thing.
I wanted to quit the drinking obsession and hope the defects just disappeared..... So once I got into feeling better I was able to grow with inner work via steps and practicing what I was learning from others in the rooms who had what I wanted.