Heard It From The Grapevine, July 2005

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Heard It From The Grapevine, July 2005

Postby ann2 » Wed Jul 27, 2005 9:47 pm

I'd like to share my Grapevine Email Update for this month . . .


A well-timed joke?

An old-timer was celebrating his fiftieth AA Birthday and a newcomer asked him, “How did you manage to stay sober for so long?”

The old-timer said, “I never drink and I never argue with anyone,”

The newcomer said, “That’s crazy! There has be more to it than that!”

The old-timer looked at him for a second and said, “Hmmm. Maybe you’re right.” December, 1999

Pause. Padunk .

This month’s Grapevine has a Special Section about how AAs celebrate anniversaries: from banquets and balloons to quiet celebrations. http://www.aagrapevine.org/gv

Great things to hear from the AudioGrapevine! Downloadable MP3 stories

For the second month in a row, we are offering a free trial of downloadable stories from our current issue of the Grapevine and La Viña. Take us to the beach with you on your audioplayer or make a CD and listen to stories on your car trip.
One of the stories, “What’s the Big Deal?” is from our Special Section: AA Anniversaries.


Great things I've heard at meetings from: Distilled Spirits, Grapevine, October 1999:

Acceptance isn't necessarily approval.
Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.
Don't get resentful of a resentful person.
Every problem has a lifespan that only God knows.
It's hard to keep an open mind with an open mouth.
Feed your faith and starve your doubt.
Self-esteem is a matter of discipline.
Complaining is not an action step.
Gratitude is the aristocrat of virtues. Red M., Indianapolis, Indiana

For more current submissions from “Heard at Meetings,” check out i-Say:

If you want to browse the Digital Archive for other interesting stories, jokes and essays: http://www.aagrapevine.org/da

Or have a laugh on us (a new joke every time you click):


That’s all for now.

Best Regards,
All of us at the Grapevine
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