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I didn't notice, but are there categories for Young People in AA? Are there many young users in here? Hmm... I'm 19 years old with 3 1/2 years sober. And with several sponsees, know how important it is for young people getting sober to have someone to relate with comfortably.<P>elise
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Re: YPAAs?

Post by Cyncindy »

Hi Elise, I'm Cindy....I'd say it's extremely important for especially young people to have sponsors, people to talk to! I tried to get sober when I was 20, back up, I new I needed help at 17 after only one year of "almost daily" drinking and destruction. I called one 800 number and must have forgot about it till I was 20. My first sponsor invited me for coffee every day after the meeting and we'd chat for hours. I moved and finally got sober at 24, that was almost 15 years ago. I hope you get to meetings, keep an open mind and keep meeting people with good sobriety. Stick with the winners....especially if most of your friends drink, which more than likely is the case as you know we tend to gravitate towards people just like us!!!

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Re: YPAAs?

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Hi, Elise. Welcome to the forums.<P>If you believe it's needed, you're welcome to a YPAA category. You're also welcome to be the moderator for that category.<P>If you'd like me to set one up, send me a private message with a name for the category and a few words of description (similar to what you see for the other categories).
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