How can we help a "NEW" comer who is still out there ?

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How can we help a "NEW" comer who is still out there ?

Postby Service » Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:58 pm

Notice the " condition " imposed on a person who has not been here EVER! someone who is not conditioned and tired of conditions?

I find it useful to show a newcomer with an A.A book the 3 pertinent ideas of A.A and it's Traditions, not cultures THEN introduce them to as many non conditioned people as I can find who are part of the fellowship of A.A not just in it, not knowing who or what they will hear - UN-conditional making sure they understand, the best people can do, is speak their own reality another persons reality which A.A calls a " personality " - it like a bug spray allowing them space hoping they don't get bitten and become a zombies - A lot are catching on that God is doing for them what we cannot do for our self's -What a beautiful thing to see with ones own eyes !
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