Looking for some old friends in AA

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Looking for some old friends in AA

Post by LetgoJoe »

I didn't know where else or how else to post this, so here goes

I am looking for some old friends and I can't give their last name to make it easier, so I will give a few details which shouldn't bust their anonymity but should help me get the info. So their names are Sandy and Bill R.
They were very close to me in the program. Sandy was my very first sponsor in Holland. She may be in her 70's now. Yeah, so she sponsored a Joe K. in Holland in 1991. She would remember that. I think Bill would too. So if anyone is reading this that knows a Bill R. or Sandy R. that were stationed in Holland in 1991 and are US citizens, that might know them or could share their location with me, I would be grateful to get in contact with them. I know its a wild shot but I have seen crazier things come together.

Thank you, Joe K.
Honesty gets us sober, tolerance keeps us sober. ~Bill W.

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Re: Looking for some old friends in AA

Post by joey »

Honestly, Facebook would be your best bet.

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