A couple of news articles courtesy AA India

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A couple of news articles courtesy AA India

Post by joey » Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:56 am

These were emailed to me by AA India.

I became an alcoholic at 12' : from mid-Spammer/news/2009/nov/151109-alcoholics-anonymous.***

'I became an alcoholic at 12'
By: Hemal Ashar Date: 2009-11-15 Place: Mumbai

Alcoholics Anonymous raises a toast to member who has stayed off the bottle for 50 years

No drinks will be served at this celebration, only a non-alcoholic toast to half a century of sobriety. On Monday evening, the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) will hold a felicitation function for AA member John K, to congratulate him on 50 years of sobriety. Since the AA in India is 53 years old, Mangalore-based John is one of its oldest members. The meet is to be held at a hall in Andheri (E).

John (72) says, "I come from a middle-class Roman Catholic family in Mangalore. There were no taboos about alcohol in the village I grew up in. Village women would crush Ayurved tablets in brandy and put them on their babies' tongues when they were ill." He adds, "Liquor was always served to guests. At the age of six, I used to drink the leftover liquor. I would drink from huge jars at home, scooping out the liquor with coconut shells. By the time I was 12, I was a full-fledged alcoholic."

John says he worked his way through school "failing thrice because alcohol affected me physically and mentally". He would pick fights at marriages, churches and social gatherings. John's mother would weep as he was brought home, carried by villagers after he had fallen down in a stupor on the road. "I tried to quit, but failed on several occasions."

Then, on September 20, 1959, when a priest told him to go to an AA meet in Mangalore, things changed for the St Aloysius College student. John says he was an agnostic, but discovered God and AA. Through that power, he has managed to stay off drinks for 50 years.

He married in 1965 when he was a sober 27, and taught English literature at St Joseph's College in Bangalore. He is the father of five children three boys and two girls. Now retired, John K signs off with, "This is not my glory, but the glory of AA. Even if one person gives up drinking because of me, it is worth it."

About Alcoholics Anonymous
In its simplest form, the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program operates when a recovered alcoholic passes along the story of his or her own problem, describes the sobriety he/she has found in AA and invites the newcomer to join the fellowship. Ashok, General Manager of AA, India, says, "John's story will be inspirational and a testament that AA does indeed work."

Not a swig in 50 years: from mid-Spammer/news/2009/nov/181109-John-K-Alcoholics-Anonymous.****
Not a swig in 50 yrs!
By: Hemal Ashar Date: 2009-11-18 Place: Mumbai

Alcoholics Anonymous meet celebrates success of one of its oldest members in India

Nearly 1,000 'sober alcoholics' as the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) members are called, held a first ever felicitation function for John K, a Bangalore-based member who completed 50 years of sobriety.

The India chapter of the AA is 53-years-old and John K is one of its oldest members.

The function held at the Asha Ankur Hall, behind Holy Family church in Andheri (E) on Monday night, reiterated the AA's message that drinking is not a disgrace, but a disease.

John K (72) grew up in a middle-class Roman Catholic family in Mangalore.

Hic, Hic Hurray! John K speaks about his struggle.

"When I was a child, liquor was routinely served at home. At six, I would taste the drops that remained in the glasses.

I would use coconut shells to scoop liquor from jars at home.

By the time I turned 12, I became a full-fledged alcoholic. I would even lick the caps of the liquor bottles."

High flight

Added John, "I would often hallucinate that I was flying while I sat in a chair, dozing because of the alcohol. Then, came the crash landing when I woke up.

"Once, I remember we were swimming in a tank in my village. I was so drunk I sank to the floor. Luckily, our leader realised one person was missing and dived down to pick me up."

After several unsuccessful attempts to go sober, on September 20, 1959, John, who was then 22, went to an AA meet in Mangalore. Fifty years from that day, John has not touched alcohol.

At the age of 27, in 1965, he married. The former English literature professor at St Joseph's College in Bengaluru is a father of three boys and two girls.

Now retired, John K says, "I was initially reluctant to speak, but I thank the friend who abused me for three weeks and reasoned that AA helped me, so I would have to help others in turn."

1 year
The duration for which an alcoholic has to be off hard drinks before he can be considered to be reborn

They kicked the bottle

Francis of Goa started with beer so he could feel bold enough to ask a girl for a dance. When his first girlfriend left him he began drinking like crazy.

After joining AA, Francis has been off alcohol for 14 years. Reed-thin, 20-year-old alcoholic Dhaval said no one would sit next to him in college because he reeked of alcohol all hours of the day.

I have completed one year without alcohol, Dhaval said. Pooja started drinking at 15, at 18, she had lost all hope of recovering from her alcohol dependence.

She has been off alcohol for five years now. Pooja exhorted the audience to make women feel more comfortable, We do not want to be hit on like I was or stared at or offered to be dropped home after the meetings.

Treat us as AA members, not women.

Contact Alcoholics Anonymous

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