God, Alcohol, and Urine!!! Read for an explanation.

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God, Alcohol, and Urine!!! Read for an explanation.

Postby Ken_the_Geordie » Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:33 am

Here's page 1 of In God we Doubt (Confessions of a failed Aethist) by John Humphries. I thought it was witty and relevant and the book is also a good read!

In the green hills of west Wales, home to more sheep than people, there is a small museum that attracts very few visitors but deserves a mention in any self-respecting book about God. It is dedicated to the history of wool.

One of the things you will learn there is that for many years human urine was an important part of the process of preparing the raw wool for the spinners. Locals were paid a penny a gallon to deliver their waste to their local factory. Unless, that is, they were Methodists - in which case they were paid twopence a gallon. This was because Methodists did not (in those days, anyway) drink alcohol. So their urine was of a purer form and thus more valuable to the processors. The message is obvious: faith in God pays; it delivers clear benefits. Or it did for a brief period in our history. And Now?
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