temporary sponsors

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temporary sponsors

Postby greg m » Wed Jan 30, 2008 1:22 am

seven years sober this time my sponsor has had the nerve to fall over dead from non alcohol causes at age 50 without permission -- my licensing situation requires that i have a sponsor with 5 years sobriety -- so i need a temporary sponsor now to remain in integrity.

my previous sponsor had become geographically separated from me so i already used to using a sponsor on line-- I'm basically a single dad so i do noon meetings and no one that is willing and compatible appears on the horizon at the places i go

i am also looking for a permanent sponsor but the idea of hitting meetings in random directions in hope of finding a sponsor seems impractical -- the god of my understanding is a metaphysical new thought construct -- think unity, science of mind (NOT SCIENTOLOGY), zen , religious science, unitarian, pagan -- and in the long term i find being able to have a 3rd/11th step discussion in that context the most helpful and powerful function of my sponsor
anybody interested and available please4 touch base
greg m
greg m
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