Best For Everyone!

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Best For Everyone!

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Not drinking and not missing it are part of AA life, but sometimes I have wondered if we were missing out on the apparent health benefits of one or two per day. On the news this morning I heard of the 'Global Burden of Diseases' study, based at the University of Washington, and published in the respected British medical journal ‘The Lancet,’ excerpts are copied below -
Even the occasional drink is harmful to health, according to the largest and most detailed research carried out on the effects of alcohol, which suggests governments should think of advising people to abstain completely.

Most national guidelines suggest there are health benefits to one or two glasses of wine or beer a day, they say. “Our results show that the safest level of drinking is none.”

Drinking alcohol was a big cause of cancer in the over-50s, particularly in women. Previous research has shown that one in 13 breast cancers in the UK were alcohol-related. The study found that globally, 27.1% of cancer deaths in women and 18.9% in men over 50 were linked to their drinking habits.
So our approach of zero alcohol is not only for us, it’s best for everyone!
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